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Laura has been my coach for over 10 years and I would not have been nearly as effective without her. From earlier childhood, I’ve always felt that some great destiny awaited, and Laura is helping me find it. She made me appreciate the importance of being “awake” in life, rather than sleepwalking with the beliefs handed down from the past, and to express whatever wisdom I gained in ways that can do the most good. She has called on me to answer my deepest calling.
— Bob Sheffield, former Managing Director Shell Aircraft, Senior Advisor, Safety & Fleet Operational Improvement, Augusta Westland former General Manager, Shell Oil

My first 15” conversation lasted more than an hour, an hour that brought me to the realization that what worked for me in the past 35 years of leadership was failing me, I needed a new set of tools, a new way of looking at myself and my world to survive as a person. I’ve had coaches, I’ve had assessments, I’ve done everything most people do, and a lot of things few people do, but working with Laura has been life changing.

If you are lucky enough to engage Laura in finding your way, someone to help you on your “Hero’s Journey” you are indeed a lucky, and more importantly, a blessed person.
— Ray Lugo, Director, Florida Space Institute, Former NASA Director

Laura’s coaching is similar to her presence as a speaker and a writer; She has a humorous way of telling on herself, her inner thoughts, frustrations, tripping over self-manufactured obstacles, so that the rest of us can see ourselves. You can feel her commitment to enter personally challenging territory, using the tools to learn and create a better path; Laura inspires her coaches and her audience to do the same.
— Carole, Berkson- Ross, PMP, CPT, Principal Strategist, Employee Development at Pacific Gas and Electric

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Laura Gates is certified as ICF PCC


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