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About Laura Gates, Executive Coach, Gates Group LLC

With over 20 years experience coaching and training leaders at such organizations as NASA, the Navy, Shell Oil, M+T Bank and Lexis Nexus as well as start-up venture backed Silicon Valley CEO’s and executive teams in the sports, travel, bio-tech and financial industries, Laura is a trusted advisor and mentor who helps guide others to achieve their full potential.

Drawing upon her in-depth knowledge across multiple industries working with diverse leaders, Laura knows the pressures and demands required to lead others and navigate change. She has honed her reputation as a direct, authentic and intuitive coach and facilitator. Laura also helps teams navigate difficult conversations, break through conflicts and align on strategic goals and challenges.

As a founding member and leadership trainer with Learning as Leadership, Laura facilitates workshops and trainings for leadership teams and on-site and public leadership training seminars. 

Laura has worked with hundreds of leaders over 20 years while coaching them through a rigorous year-long training program. She also previously worked in the New York finance industry at a Wall Street bank and ran a marketing consulting firm in San Francisco.

Laura is a sought after speaker at Industry conferences including this year’s upcoming day-long Wisdompreneur conference as part of Wisdom 2.0’s Wisdom Week, the Wisdom 2.0 Unplugged conference at Esalen in 2015, and the WIN Global Leadership Conference in Rome 2015 and in Prague in 2013. For more on Laura's speaking click here. She is also a guest teacher for several online programs, including the Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership.

Laura is a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach. She has studied Getting Things Done, David Allen’s time management methodology, Non-Violent Communications, MBTI, Rational Behavior Therapy and 360º Assessment tools and is skilled at gathering and delivering feedback in a compassionate but direct way. She holds a B.S. in Business from Syracuse University’s School of Management and Entrepreneurship from the San Francisco Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center. 

Laura’s passion for learning has lead her to study with wisdom teachers and indigenous healers around the globe from the Australian outback to Mayan jungles and the Andes. She holds a Masters Certification in Intuition Medicine® from the Academy of Intuition Medicine® and completed the year-long Four Fold Way® leadership training with Angeles Arrien, who was a mentor prior to her death in 2014. She also mentored under Claire Nuer the founder of Learning as Leadership, from 1994 until her death in 1999. Combining traditional coaching with ground-breaking work in mindfulness and consciousness, including neuroscience, is her passion. 

As a writer, Laura is a columnist for The Good Men Project and has written for “A Lesson in Giving” Stone Soup for the World, Conari Press, a bi-weekly “Biz Shrink” column for Women’s Wire, and articles in Natural Solutions Magazine, City Woman Magazine, Winning Strategies Magazine, the San Jose Business Journal, Sacramento Business Journal, The National Law Journal, and Marketing for Lawyers.

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