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Let’s face it, leading people is hard work.
Inspiring people to do what you need them to do is hard work. 

Prioritizing what’s important is hard work.
Changing yourself to be the person you know you can be is probably the hardest undertaking of your life
I get it.

I’ve coached hundreds of leaders
in the past 20 years and believe me, you’re not alone.


You're not the only one feeling like you are drowning in chaos, frustrated with people’s inability to follow your lead and desperately seeking 5 minutes of alone time to be able to have one strategic thought amongst the daily barrage of needs and requests.

And let’s not even mention getting your kid’s college essay done so she’s not working at McDonald’s or researching your mom’s living options after 80. We are in a time that requires more of us when we feel we have less to give.

This is where I come in.
The sounding board.
The voice of reason.
The clear cut, no BS direct mirroring.

The reminder of the bigger picture, the holder of your goals and aspirations and the nudges towards what has meaning and purpose outside of the daily grind.

And the occasional tough love, when needed.

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"Laura has been an impactful career and life coach for me. She deploys her natural gift for seeing through the clutter/excuses and cutting to the chase to help me understand why I am the way I am, who I want to be, and how to bridge the gap -- professionally and personally. She has helped me in a number of meaningful ways that have improved my career and quality of life. Most impactful for me is her style and demeanor - with her intellect and no BS style - she cuts to the meaning in a quick fashion, or asks the right question at the right time, in the right way, for me. She doesn't have time or interest in dancing around the periphery, and has the smarts and style to bring it all together for me in a way I can own it.”

-Pam Storm, Founder, Rent Marketplace

"Laura has coached me through a very intense transition process. During the last four years I not only changed my professional life as a board member, pursuing my new role as an international business advisor, but I also survived cancer in the same period. Without the professional support from Laura, this transition would not have been so fulfilling for me. I recommend Laura to senior executives facing severe challenges in his or her professional and personal life. She is a wonderful executive coach from the heart!"

-Ruud Hopstaken, Former Financial Director, Current Financial Advisor and Board Member

"Laura is an exceptional and gifted coach. I had the privilege of working with Laura during a time of major transition in my life, and Laura was enormously skillful in helping me look at my current situation clearly, set an intention for what would come next, and make the necessary transitions. 

I remember clearly the first conversation Laura and I had over the phone. Within minutes we were in the midst of a deep and open dialogue that I would expect to occur between people that had known each other for months or years. Our conversations only continued to deepen over the time we worked together. 

I valued my work with Laura as much as I did because she shares my belief that all aspects of being human are included in the coaching conversation. Laura offers an opportunity to include the professional, the personal, and the transpersonal in one conversation without creating any artificial boundaries between them. I valued this deeply in our work together, and take that stance in the work I now do with my clients."

-Jeremy Seligman, President, Insight to Action consulting firm

"Laura brings an ability to guide others down the often-unclear path of transformation with practical, gentle guidance. She has a vast toolkit that allows her to coach people on how to integrate their professional/personal/spiritual experiences. I value her intuitive sense of what a person feels, as well as how they need to take action in order to put those feelings--and the experiences that led to them--to work.

- Leadership Consultant and Author

"Laura has an amazing ability to see with clarity what in the moment you can’t quite label or define for yourself.  

It’s this uncanny “knowing” that she brings to a coaching relationship and uses to help you find the response that’s right for you.  Whether struggling with a work situation – or what to do with the rest of your life, Laura acts as a true partner in unraveling what’s truly important and in helping you shape your most authentic path forward."

-(female) Senior Executive, major global oil company.

"Laura is an amazing talent and intuitive coach.

She seems to have a sixth sense of knowing what to say at just the right time. Working with Laura dramatically changed my professional and personal life for the better. She helped me recognize my inherent ability to create and embrace positive change in my life. Through our work together, I am now able to look inside to find my authenticity and appreciate it. I consider myself fortunate to know and work with Laura."  

-Rick W., CEO

"Working with Laura is extraordinary. She has an ability to be with you in a way that allows what is exactly the right thing to surface.

This opens new interpretations that lead you to new ways of moving in your life. There is a freedom and joy that draws you into an inspired future. After being with Laura, I am enlivened and excited about being in my world. Her gift is here to be shared and being the recipient of this gift is truly the icing on the cake. Thank you, Laura, for our relationship and what it brings to both of us."

- Joel Kimmel: Executive Leadership Coach Kimmel & Company

"Laura was instrumental in helping me develop my career as I rose the ranks at to one of the top 7 positions at NASA Headquarters within a challenging environment of Washington, DC politics. She has helped me work through team issues, personal conflict issues, and career growth, all the while working through my own challenges, helping me grow professionally and personally. Her coaching was critical to my career progression, as I gained increasingly more challenging roles, each time felt like a stretch that she encouraged me to take on. Laura has made a huge impact on my marriage and personal life - strengthening my marriage and my relationship with my children. Laura's experience, style, and drive is an awesome combination that delivers results in a short period of time with style and grace!"

-Senior Government Executive 

What do I bring to coaching?

Read Laura's full bio here.

Read Laura's full bio here.

My journey has led me from being a top ranking banker in Citibank’s prestigious management training program on Wall Street in the 80’s to building a 6-figure marketing/PR consulting business in San Francisco in the early 90’s to executive coaching and leadership training for Learning as Leadership's Egosystem® methodology for the past two decades. 

In that time I've helped hundreds of leaders and their teams from some of our country’s most prominent organizations create unprecedented results through building collaborative and trusting environments, resolving conflicts, forging powerful alliances and unleashing hidden potential.

Many of my clients have risen to higher levels of power and influence than they could have have imagined, while maintaining a grounded and balanced life, keeping their egos and emotions in check.

I am honored to count among my clients executives and leaders in government and industry, including NASA, the Navy, Shell Oil,  M+T Bank, as well as CEO’s and C-suite executives of start-ups and VC backed firms in the travel, bio tech, hi tech and energy industries.

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