Sacred Journey to Peru & Machu Picchu

With Laura and Janice Gates

July 13-22, 2017

Something magical happens when we extract ourselves from the day-to-day, enter into the unknown and immerse ourselves in an ancient culture – it enlivens us, awakens us and links us to the sacredness of life.

Laura and Janice have been bringing people on retreats to unique places where we connect more deeply with ourselves, each other and the world around us for several years now. These retreats provide us the opportunity to uplift and transform – we come home changed, renewed in our vision for ourselves and for our world.

This retreat will be a unique opportunity to dive deep into the spiritual and cultural wonders of Peru and take time to nourish body, mind and heart through yoga, meditation and inner reflection. Our home base for the retreat, the Sacred Valley, is tucked between Cuzco and Machu Picchu, surrounded by traditional villages, mountain slopes, ancient ruins, open fields and vast skies, it drips with Andean culture, history and beauty. Willka T’ika’s peaceful energy, attentive staff and experienced guides will take good care of us during our stay.

Everything will be taken care of from arrival in Cusco to departure day. Over our time together, we will explore the mysterious ancient cities and temples of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu and tap into authentic Andean spirituality. Includes participation in ancient Incan ceremonies with authentic healers, visiting an isolated mountain school, traveling to ceremonial sites – including a two-day visit to Machu Picchu – and immersing ourselves in the power and magic of Peru.

The retreat will be tailored to our needs as a group with options for levels of challenge for hikes as well as the flexibility to choose what to participate in. Contact for full itinerary:


$3750 triple occupancy

$3950 double occupancy

$4650 single


You will be well cared for on this journey from the moment you land until the moment you depart! This fee includes all accommodations (Cusco, Willka T’ika, Sacred Valley and Aguas Calientes), highly attentive, seasoned guides throughout, all excursions in Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, daily yoga and meditation sessions, entrance fees, train costs, group transfers, guided hiking options, ceremonies and most meals. 

Cost does not include: International roundtrip flight to Cusco via Lima (I recommend Exito Travel for good prices and ease of booking!), separate airport transfers and hotel bookings (if not arriving with group), tips, sundries, alcoholic and bottled beverages, laundry and spa services. Cancellation Policy: deposit refundable minus a $150 cancellation fee up until March 13. 60 days before the start date of the retreat, by May 2017, the full balance is non-refundable.

Cancellations received earlier than 60 days prior to retreat start date are refundable, minus the nonrefundable $750/pax deposit.

Please schedule flights to arrive in Cusco July 13 before 11 a.m.
Our program begins with a complementary group transfer for those arriving on the first day of the program, July 13, from the Cusco airport to your central hotel conveniently situated off the historic Plaza de Armas. Departure is Saturday, July 22nd, 10am, after early morning yoga/meditation/closing session. One group bus transfer is at 10:00 a.m sharp and takes the group to the Cusco airport to connect to Lima, and flight home. From Willka T’ika, allow three hours and 25 minutes before your Cusco flight. Ideal flights to Lima that fit into this departure leave Cusco between 2pm-4pm.  

Participants arriving/departing at a different time may arrange a private transfer with Willka T’ika or take a taxi (for additional cost). Arriving into Cusco a day early to acclimate is recommended. Willka T’ika can arrange an extra night’s accommodation in Cusco with advance notice. Please advise at time of registration.

Upcoming Women's Retreat with Laura Gates in Northern California:

Women’s Leadership Retreat; Spend A weekend
in Northern California
Laura Gates — Executive Coach, Leadership Expert and Facilitator

SEPTEMBER 1-4th, 2017
send me an email at to be notified

Learn to Lead with purpose - bring meaning to your life and work, access your leadership potential and find joy in pursuing your passion. 

In this in-depth 4-day retreat we will:

  • Identify your "Sign Language.” The Universe is practically bombarding us with clues every day and showing us the way on the path. Are we listening?  Do we even want to hear the message? Often our fears block our ability to discern the messages.

  • We will slow down, cultivate noticing and explore the many ways messages are delivered, which is often unique to us.

  • Practice listening to inner wisdom and cultivate intuition. We will to tune in to the messages and refine our receptivity in order to discern fear from intuition, the endless chatter in the brain vs. true insight.

  • Taking time in nature allows us to distill the constant bombardment of external information from our own deeper inner knowing to hear that small, still voice inside. We will spend time in silence. Yes. SILENCE. And if this scares you, it’s likely you need it! (Even if you crave silence as much as I do).

  • Discern the path of Purpose vs. the path of the Ego. Are we striving to get somewhere? Or are we truly on a path of purpose, aligned with our goals and vision for our lives? The Ego wants us to succeed, look good, accomplish. Living the soul’s path does not mean we don’t do anything, or that we give up all worldly possessions and move to Tahiti and open a Tiki Bar (unless this is in fact your purpose, then heck yeah!).

  • Activate the dreams and ideas we've been holding but not LIVING. We will align with what is true for us, what is authentic and enriching and enlivening. We will explore what is possible beyond fears and beliefs and doubts of what we think is possible.

  • Learn to manage your energy. When we learn to tap into life beyond what we see and feel, beyond the linear, rational mind, all sorts of possibilities open up. Call it mindfulness, energy management, meditation, I will teach simple practices for accessing your own energy, grounding, balancing, clearing and maintaining healthy energy boundaries and easily accessing guidance and information.

  • Discover daily practices to bring the sacred into your life experience. We will explore what one of my former mentors' Angeles Arrien calls “Walking the mystical path with practical feet.” 

  • Leave with clarity and a path forward.

Ratna Ling Retreat Center...

Ratna Ling is a peaceful retreat center nestled in the Redwoods, located 3 hours North of San Francisco, a few minutes drive from the spectacular Pacific coast. Here we will gather to take time out of our busy lives to rest, rejuvenate and dig deeper into discovering our soul’s purpose. Consider this a guided vision quest in nature with high thread count sheets, delicious vegetarian meals and a eco-luxe cottage in a secluded location perfectly suited for reflection and renewal.

Your Retreat Experience Includes:

3 day / 2 night stay (Friday afternoon to Sunday at noon) - We suggest out-of-towners arrive in the Bay Area on Thursday to enjoy the day meandering up the gorgeous Pacific coast to Ratna Ling.

  • Price options include shared lodging with one other person in a two-bedroom luxury eco-cottage with two private sleeping rooms, a full size bed in each room, shared bathroom, a jacuzzi bathtub, decks overlooking nature, a living room, gas fireplace, kitchenette and organic bedding nestled in the glorious, giant redwoods. Single private cottage options also available at additional cost. See more on lodging here: ratna ling lodging

  • Price includes all delicious vegetarian meals, activities and materials  - Friday dinner thru Sunday brunch.

  • An all around GORGEOUS retreat center with plenty of space to hike and explore. Hiking or driving distance to the Pacific Ocean.

Please Note: as this is a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center, all buffet style meals are strictly vegetarian and no alcohol is served in the dining area. Most food restrictions (ie gluten free/Vegan) can be accommodated and you can have wine or beer and (non-cooked) meat in your cottage. Each cottage has a small kitchen area with fridge, coffee press and tea.


"Laura has an amazing ability to see with clarity what in the moment you can’t quite label or define for yourself.  It’s this uncanny “knowing” she uses to help you find the response that’s right for you.  Whether struggling with a work situation or what to do with the rest of your life, Laura acts as a partner in unraveling what’s truly important and in helping you shape your most authentic path forward.” Senior Executive, major global oil company. Retreat participant.

During Your Retreat You Will...

  • Take time out of your busy life to connect with yourself, fellow participants and the powerful healing medicine of nature.

  • Ground, center and tune-in with basic energy practices for clear boundaries and learn simple techniques to do on your own.

  • Balance space and time to be alone, group facilitation, and structured activities to awaken your inner knowing for clarity and inspiration.
  • Explore your purpose, define your next steps and remove perceived obstacles on the path.
  • Relax, rest, and .... nap!

  • Enjoy optional meditation class
  • Schedule a massage (additional cost click here for more info)
  • Create! I will provide guidance and art supplies for a vision board using a system I’ve practiced for over 20 years to align our purpose in imagery and anchor our intentions from the weekend.


About our daily agenda...

Each day will combine group and individual work, time for rest and time to go deeper into your own creative and intuitive self-awareness. You can choose how you want to engage in the process that works best for you and your needs. Each group is unique and the agenda is customized accordingly. Time alone for silent reflection is encouraged.

Schedule Overview

Travel to Ratna Ling - approx 3 hours North of San Francisco and/or Oakland Airport

3:00pm Check in to cottages
4:30pm Group check in - arrival, orientation, setting our individual and collective intentions
5:30pm Dinner
6:30pm Exploring self-limiting obstacles, planting seeds for our purpose
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Going deeper into purpose, practicing energy management, tuning in to the signs
12:15pm Lunch
1:30pm Open time (with suggested options for deepening your experience of inner listening)
4:30pm Optional class** (TBD meditation, yoga, etc)
5:30pm Dinner
6:30pm Evening session to anchor the learnings, envision the future.

8:00am Morning group session, commitments and practices for sustaining the work
11:00am Brunch
12:00pm Departure 

About Your Retreat Leader: Laura Frances Gates...


There is nothing more painful than not living your purpose. I know. I’ve spent my entire life exploring two questions: "Why am I here?" And “What more can I do to live my purpose to the fullest?” The pursuit of purpose has lead me on some fascinating journeys. I’ve done 3-day vision quests in the woods with no food or shelter, spent a week camping in the middle of the Australian outback with an Aboriginal healer, studied Mayan healing techniques and trekked in the Andes and Mucchu Pichu. Time in nature is always transforming. 

I’ve been facilitating group events for nearly 20 years now and am always impressed with the ability of a collective experience to enhance our own personal learning process.

My 30 year career has spanned an early foray in banking on Wall Street, running a six figure marketing business and for the past twenty years coaching clients in such organizations as the Navy, NASA, Shell Oil, Visa, VC-backed startup founders and large Silicon Valley giants to be more powerful, effective and authentic in their work. I've always had my feet in two worlds — the world of business and the world of spirit. I’ve studied with wisdom teachers and healers from around the globe in the Mayan, Native American and Aboriginal traditions as well as shamanic trainings with Angeles Arrien, Sandra Ingerman, Michael Harner and Robert Moss. I hold a Master Certification in Intuition Medicine®, have studied the Four Fold Way® leadership training and I’m a Reiki Master. I’ve learned how to navigate and draw upon the subtle energy realms, beyond thought and emotion, where change can happen instantaneously. Whether it be executive coaching or spiritual mentoring, my clients have one thing in common: they believe they’re here to make a difference and they’re ready to find out just how big their impact can be as a leader of change.

Cost to attend the retreat:


$795 shared 2-bedroom cottage

$995 Private 2-bedroom cottage 


Please note If you choose to pay in two-installments, the final payment is due by August 31.


How to put in words the magic that was spun during this retreat? It far exceeded my expectations. The location was divine and the company fantastic. I could have stayed there for a very long time (except that my husband and kids would not appreciate it). The food was exceptional, the cost was amazingly low for food, accommodation and Laura's incredible presence and guidance. 

— Naomi Wills, BioBalance

"Laura brings an ability to guide others down the often-unclear path of transformation with practical, gentle guidance. She has a vast toolkit that allows her to coach people on how to integrate their professional/personal/spiritual experiences. I value her intuitive sense of what a person feels, as well as how they need to take action in order to put those feelings--and the experiences that led to them--to work.”

-Leadership Consultant and Author

“I wish I could express the absolute transformational power that Laura has in leading her retreats. When I came to her retreat last year, I was completely lost and had no direction. I’d made some big decisions and backed out of all of them because I had become crippled by self-doubt. I knew I needed the healing beauty of the Redwoods and Laura’s gentle yet kick-butt guidance, but really had no idea what to expect… I just knew I had to be there.  

Fast forward to just over a year later and I am literally in a completely different life than the one I was living when I hopped on a plan to San Francisco. I found my dream business. One that I have searched for for over twelve years, and one that allows me to help people to transform their lives, and live more authentically inside who they really are.  This I could not have done without Laura’s Women’s Soul Retreat.  

Laura’s leadership is not just about “leading”, it is about allowing the unfolding of the moments within a circle.  And there are many.  She has the intuitive knowledge to know when to lead and when to allow.  This is a gift that she has and it is a power that in and of itself is worth any effort to be in her presence.  You will leave that retreat not only transformed, but with an amazing circle of women that will remain forever.  Even though our circle of souls that gathered that weekend over a year ago have not seen each other in person, we are forever bonded by that beautiful and soul rocking experience. Don’t walk. Run to the “sign me up” button!"

-Lisa Jemus
Founder of Tarot Solutions

"Laura has an uncanny ability to use the collective group to help each individual unlock their unique and intuitive leadership qualities. Laura's retreats have helped me better understand and deepen my leadership qualities and identify opportunities for development in a safe and supportive environment.” 

-Executive Leader Oil + Gas Industry

"The four day soul retreat with Laura Gates was everything it promised to be and more. I felt deeply called to attend the retreat months prior to it's scheduled date, and without knowing a single detail about Laura. The synchronicities that played out in my life prior to the event and during the retreat had me in awe. I knew without a doubt that my soul was guiding me to this experience, and that I would leave changed. I arrived as a woman still somewhat afraid to shine her light to the fullest, a woman afraid to be seen. Within the safe container of nine amazing women, the incredible energy and beauty of Ratna Ling, and Laura's brilliant leadership and loving guidance, I was able to transcend the fears and beliefs that kept me hiding in order to feel safe. Attending this event is nothing short of a milestone in my life."  

— Sandra Moore - Intuitive Soul Coach,