Leadership Team Building and FacilitaTION

For the past twenty years I’ve worked with leadership teams from such varied organizations as Royal Dutch Shell, M+T Bank, NASA, the Navy and many others to help build trust and collaboration, leading to more effective, aligned and high performing teams.

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Using my custom-designed two-day team building process, I help teams create greater collective and individual awareness which leads to more open, trusting dialogue and enhanced collaboration.

My goal is always to provide a safe space for communication and healing in order to rebuild the relationship.

We explore team dynamics, relationship tensions, communication break downs. We clarify challenges, prioritize goals and create commitments and action plans for change. We get more strategic and focused on what’s important vs. the time drain of the unimportant.

I’ve worked with teams suffering from debilitating conflicts on the verge of imploding to those with a desire to simply be a more effective, aligned team focused on the right priorities.

I’ve also been brought in to resolve conflicts between parties when needed.