Advanced Leadership Training Intensive

Innovation and Creativity for Leaders Leading Change

Gates Group LLC
January 4-6th, 2019
San Francisco Bay Area

Key Program Concepts

Leading with Innovation in Times of Disruption and Chaos
We are living in an era of unprecedented change and in many cases, industry upheaval. Disruption is occurring in emerging technologies transforming the energy, aerospace, communications, and entertainment industry with the advent of breakthroughs in Machine Learning and AI we are in revolutionary times indeed.

In order to be a leader who leads through chaos, it is essential to navigate complexity and build a toolkit for leading in the future. As Marshall Goldsmith’s bestselling book says “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There!”

Leaders who are able to innovate and harness their creativity, be forward-looking and anticipating change rather than reacting to it, who can manage precious time, energy and resources effectively while knowing how to best utilize the collective intelligence of their teams and organizations will ultimately be better positioned to navigate change.

Topics Covered:

Leadership, Creativity and Innovation
Explore the patented Purpose Initiative Model to define creative challenges and practices. The goal is to help each participant to use the resources of the collective to identify their areas of focus in 2019 and beyond. Each participant identifies real-life business challenges and goals to break through to their next level of leadership.

Identifying Your Leadership Zone of Genius
Identify Leadership Strengths and how you can best contribute your time and energy matched to your day-to-day calendar. We will define what you can do differently to achieve your goals using your highest and most valuable skill set. We explore behavioral drivers and uncover dynamics that could potentially inhibit success.

The Well-Rounded Leader
Executive presence is a big topic in leadership development these days. Embodied leaders operate from a place of balance and sustainable well-being that engenders followership and allows them to work in a productive manner. Utilizing our time and energy effectively is essential to achieving results without the negative downside of work stress and burnout. We will explore where you have more leverage in your calendar (by tapping your Zone of Genius as outlined above) and how to build a sustainable schedule and life.

Key Program Learning Objectives

  • Learn and apply the Purpose Initiative Model to your current challenges

  • Identify key leadership strengths and abilities (Zone of Genius)

  • Co-create a “Learning Lab” environment to model core leadership skills and behaviors – listening, coaching, presence, communication and feedback

  • Practice “embodied leadership” skills for executive presence

  • Define “disruptive” experiments to practice innovation in the workplace

  • Create goals, practices and a personal vision for 2020 and beyond

Program Agenda

Friday, January 4th 2019
3:00-5:00pm Arrive. Embodied Leadership program for Leadership Presence
5:30-6:30pm Light dinner served (included in price)
6:30-7:30pm Program Introduction, intention setting for the training

Saturday, January 5th 2019
8:00-9:00am Optional continental breakfast (included in price), networking
9:00am-2:00pm Leadership/Creativity + Innovation
12:00-1:00pm Lunch (included in price, served onsite)
1:00-3:00pm Identifying Zone of Genius and Core Challenge
4:30-5:30pm Embodied Leadership practicum with Janice Gates
5:30-6:00pm Break – open time, coaching available as needed
6:00-7:30pm Sit down dinner served on site (included in price)
7:30-8:30pm Leadership Presence: inspiring followership

Sunday January 6th 2019
8:00-8:30 Optional continental breakfast (included price), networking
8:30-9:30 Time Management/Energy Management and Sustainability
9:30-9:45 Break
10-12 pm Presenting Core Business Challenges and Vision for 2020
12:00-1:00pm Lunch (included in price, served onsite)
1:00-1:30pm Embodied leadership practice (with Janice Gates)
1:30-3:00pm Group input on Core Business Challenges
3:00-4:00 Break out sessions – Disruptive Experiments
4:00-4:45 Presentations of Goals and Experiments
5:00 END/Departure

Program Cost: $3,500

Price includes all materials, pre-training homework and preparation, weekend workshop, meals as described above, and one follow up coaching session with Laura to integrate your takeaways. Capacity limited to 12 participants.

*Travel and lodging expenses are additional.

*If you are a foundational 2018 workshop attendee, your discount price is $3000.

*To request tuition scholarship please send email directly to Laura.


Veritas Vistas Retreat Center: a spacious venue with beautiful vistas and hiking trails near Dominican University Campus, San Rafael, CA.

  • Closest airports are Oakland and San Francisco

  • Hotel recommendations provided after registrations

  • On site parking is limited therefore we will coordinate carpools and transport to and from your hotel for the workshop

registration Options

Easy Online Registration via PayPal

Company Pay Option

Invoice generated upon request and are payable by check or credit card. Click here for a printable version of this training program to submit along with invoice for approval. To officially register/hold your spot email

Questions/Concerns? Please message our Business Manager for an immediate response.

Who We Are:

Gates Group LLC, Transformational Leadership Training and Consulting Company
Leadership, connecting with a sense of meaning and purpose in the work we do, while creating cultures of innovation and flexibility, is essential to building high performing teams that excel in achieving results. At Gates Group LLC we are focused on delivering high impact leadership programs supporting leaders and their teams to harness their potential and succeed at their strategic challenges.

Our team has collectively worked with thousands of high-level leaders —from NASA astronauts, to Naval Jet Fighter Pilots to Royal Dutch Shell Oil Rig managers, Silicon Valley Tech Innovators and Venture Capital-backed start-up Founders and CEOs— helping them overcome seemingly impossible challenges and evolve their leadership skills for more inspired, productive and impactful teams and organizations.

We explore support leaders as they navigate team dynamics, relationship tensions, communication breakdowns. We help them clarify challenges, prioritize goals and create commitments and action plans for change. We get strategic and focused on what’s important vs. the time drain of the unimportant. We work with leaders and their teams suffering from debilitating conflicts on the verge of imploding to those with a desire to go from Good to Great by being more effective, aligned and focused on the right priorities and outcomes.


Core Faculty:

Laura Gates, Gates Group LLC, Lead Facilitator

Founder of Gates Group LLC, Laura has 25 years experience as a thought leader, consultant and executive coach in the field of leadership and organizational change. She trains leaders in The Purpose Initiative methodology and facilitates team building to improve collaboration and alignment. She coaches executive leaders and start-up C-suite and founders to tap their innovation and creativity and build thriving teams and companies.

Clients include Shell Oil, Visa, NASA, LinkedIn, the Navy, FAA, NNSA, AT+T, M+T Bank, Capital One, LexisNexis, Mahindra BT, Quaker Chemical China and VC-backed tech and biotech start-ups. An ICF PCC Certified coach, Knowledge Based Professional Coach, a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and a speaker at True U (True Ventures at Berkeley Haas School of Business) Visa Return to Work, Wisdom 2.0 Unplugged, Association of Women in Science, PMI Silicon Valley and the WIN conference, she has a BA in Marketing + Management from Syracuse University. Her work with teams was recently featured in First Round Capital Review.

Previously Laura was lead consultant responsible for managing large-scale, complex culture change initiatives, collaborating with HR/OD partners. Laura has co-facilitated proprietary leadership methodology and training programs for thousands of leaders and executives.


“Laura’s skills in feedback and team facilitation helped me build a high-performing, executive-level team at NASA Headquarters. As a new team in NASA's mission directorate, Laura helped us define our strategy in the challenging environment of Washington D.C., and work through long-standing interpersonal issues to transition into a high-performance team. Laura quickly identifies the critical issues and moves the team to address them. She delivers results! In fact, one of the more skeptical members of our team even commented after working with Laura that she was the most impactful and effective facilitator he had ever encountered.” —Senior Government Executive

"Laura has an uncanny ability to use the collective group to help each individual unlock their unique and intuitive leadership qualities. Laura's group facilitation has helped me better understand and deepen my leadership qualities and identify opportunities for development in a safe and supportive environment."—Executive Director in the Oil and Gas Industry

Additional Faculty

Sarah Nicotra, Business Manager, Adjunct Coach
Sarah is a two-time master-degreed professional (MA in Transpersonal Psychology, MA in Organization Management and a BA in Psychology) knowledge-based professional coach (ICF certification pending). She brings a diverse work experience ranging from the Social Security Administration, Hospice services, and business coaching providing guidance for clients in times of transition.

Janice Gates, Mindfulness Facilitator, Adjunct Coach
(ICF certified) has been teaching mindfulness, meditation and embodied practices for over 25 years, including on the faculty of the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, as well as at UC Berkeley, Spirit Rock Meditation Center and San Quentin State Prison. She is a mentor and coach to individuals and businesses and leads retreats and trainings around the globe.