Advanced Leadership Training Intensive

Innovation and Creativity for Leaders Leading Change

with Laura Gates, Gates Group LLC
San Francisco Bay Area

Key Program Concepts

“In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.”
— Eric Hoffer

Leading and Innovation in Times of Disruption and Chaos
Disruption in industry, breakthrough technologies in AI and machine learning, emerging global markets and shifting economic factors are creating an era of unprecedented change, chaos and ambiguity. We are in evolutionary times indeed. In order to be a leader who leads through chaos, it is essential to navigate complexity and build a toolkit for the future.

This program is designed for leaders who want to better innovate and tap their creativity, be forward-looking and anticipate rather than react to change, and effectively manage precious time, energy and resources. We will harness the collective intelligence in a group setting which far exceeds the work done individually.

Topics Covered:

Creativity is the ability to identify self-imposed constraints, remove them, and explore the consequences of their removal.
— Russell Ackoff

Leadership, Creativity and Innovation
Using the framework of the patented Purpose Initiative Model we will define creative challenges and practices and design experiments to create change. The goal is to help each participant use the resources of the collective to identify their areas of focus in 2019 and beyond. Each participant identifies real-life business challenges and goals to break through to their next level of leadership.

  • Getting out of your own way – where are you the obstacle to innovation

  • Disruptive Experiments – rapid results for creating change

  • Examples of creativity and innovation for inspiration

Zone of Genius* - Tapping our True Potential
Identify your “zone of genius”- identifying the work that is unique to you that you can offer in your role to have the most impact. Learn to leverage your time and energy around your area of most skill in order to best benefit the team and organization. We explore behavioral drivers and uncover dynamics that could potentially inhibit success. *Concepts adapted from Gay Hendrick's book The Big Leap

Presence, Impact and Navigating Time
Executive presence is a big topic in leadership development these days. Embodied leaders operate from a place of balance and sustainable well-being that engenders followership and allows them to work in a productive manner. Utilizing our time and energy effectively is essential to achieving results without the negative downside of work stress and burnout. We will explore where you have more leverage in your calendar and how to build a sustainable schedule and life.

Leveraging Organizational Impact Beyond the Individual

  • Behavioral (Interpersonal/Emotional Intelligence)

  • Structural (Roles + Responsibilities, Organizational Structures)

  • Strategic (Priorities, Goals, Objectives and Long-term Vision)

Hard Conversations and Effective Feedback
The ability to have difficult conversations in the workplace, talk through disagreements and deliver useful constructive feedback enables us to be more effective and impactful. Communicating powerfully helps us avoid the time drain of confusion and misunderstanding. Authentic and open communication enables us to collectively build cultures of trust and collaboration. Learning to give and receive feedback and allowing ourselves to truly hear and learn from others is the difference between a perfunctory, transactional conversation and generative communication where we engage in more powerful and effective ways.

Key Program Learning Objectives

Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down.
— Kobi Yamada
  • Define creative and innovative approaches to your most pressing challenges

  • Identify key leadership strengths and abilities (Zone of Genius)

  • Co-create a “Learning Lab” environment to practice core leadership skills and behaviors – listening, coaching, presence, communication and feedback

  • Define “disruptive” experiments to practice and apply for change

  • Create goals, practices and a personal leadership vision for 2019 and beyond

  • The ultimate goal is to leave inspired and re-energized with clarity and conviction on your personal mission and impact

Program Agenda

Sunday, February 24, 2019—Pre-meeting gathering and evening module
4:00-5:00p        Arrive. Check-in. 
5:00-6:00p        Welcome Reception, Hors d’oeuvres 
6:00-7:30p         Dinner
7:30-8:30p        Visioning the Future

Monday, February 25th, 2019 
7:30-8:30a        Coffee/Tea (+Breakfast included if staying at Olema House
8:30-10:00a         Leadership/Creativity + Innovation -the Purpose Initiative Framework
10:00-10:30a       Break/Networking
10:30a-12:00p     Identifying Zone of Genius/Identifying Core Challenges
12:00-1:00p       Lunch 
1:00-3:00p        Workshopping Breakthrough Creativity
3:00-3:30p        Afternoon break with snack and refreshments 
3:30-5:00p         Designing and Workshopping Disruptive Experiments
5:00-6:00p        Optional Group Walk
6:00-7:30p        NO HOST DINNER
7:30-8:30p        Navigating Ambiguity and Chaos – A Fireside Chat Laura Gates and Ruud Hopstaken

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019
7:30-8:30a        Coffee/Tea (+Breakfast included if staying at Olema House
8:30-10:00a        Sustainable Time Management (Structural/Emotional/Energetic)
10:00-10:30a        Break
10:30a-12:00p   Organizational change (Structural/Behavioral/Strategic)
12:00-1:00p        Lunch
1:00-3:00p        Overcoming Obstacles/ Visioning the Future/Core Business Challenges
3- 5:00p        Overall Vision with Group Input & Closing
6:00p                Optional dinner for those staying (not included)

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019
7:30-8:30a       Optional breakfast for those staying

Our Location: Olema House
An hour north of San Francisco on the outskirts of the Point Reyes National Seashore

  • Closest airports are Oakland and San Francisco

  • If you desire to carpool please inform us by email and we will do our best to coordinate airport rides if possible

Program Cost: TBD
Price includes all materials, pre-training homework and preparation, 2 full workshop days with optional evenings.

Capacity limited to 9 participants.

*Travel and lodging and meal expenses are additional- we highly recommend for the cohesion of the group that you take advantage of our substantially discounted rates to stay on location at Olema House

*To request tuition scholarship please send email directly to Laura

Registration Options

Easy Online Registration via PayPal:

Company Pay Option: Invoice generated upon request to pay by check or credit card.

Questions/Concerns? Please message our Business Manager for an immediate response.

Who We Are:

Gates Group LLC, Transformational Leadership Training and Consulting Company
Leadership, connecting with a sense of meaning and purpose in the work we do, while creating cultures of innovation and flexibility, is essential to building high performing teams that excel in achieving results. At Gates Group LLC we are focused on delivering high impact leadership programs supporting leaders and their teams to harness their potential and succeed at their strategic challenges.

Our team has collectively worked with thousands of high-level leaders —from NASA astronauts, to Naval Jet Fighter Pilots to Royal Dutch Shell Oil Rig managers, Silicon Valley Tech Innovators and Venture Capital-backed start-up Founders and CEOs— helping them overcome seemingly impossible challenges and evolve their leadership skills for more inspired, productive and impactful teams and organizations.

We explore support leaders as they navigate team dynamics, relationship tensions, communication breakdowns. We help them clarify challenges, prioritize goals and create commitments and action plans for change. We get strategic and focused on what’s important vs. the time drain of the unimportant. We work with leaders and their teams suffering from debilitating conflicts on the verge of imploding to those with a desire to go from Good to Great by being more effective, aligned and focused on the right priorities and outcomes.


Core Faculty:

Laura Gates, Gates Group LLC, Lead Facilitator

Founder of Gates Group LLC, Laura has 25 years experience as a thought leader, consultant and executive coach in the field of leadership and organizational change. She trains leaders in The Purpose Initiative methodology and facilitates team building to improve collaboration and alignment. She coaches executive leaders and start-up C-suite and founders to tap their innovation and creativity and build thriving teams and companies.

Clients include Shell Oil, Visa, NASA, LinkedIn, the Navy, FAA, NNSA, AT+T, M+T Bank, Capital One, LexisNexis, Mahindra BT, Quaker Chemical China and VC-backed tech and biotech start-ups. An ICF PCC Certified coach, Knowledge Based Professional Coach, a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and a speaker at True U (True Ventures at Berkeley Haas School of Business) Visa Return to Work, Wisdom 2.0 Unplugged, Association of Women in Science, PMI Silicon Valley and the WIN conference, she has a BA in Marketing + Management from Syracuse University. Her work with teams was recently featured in First Round Capital Review.


“Laura’s skills in feedback and team facilitation helped me build a high-performing, executive-level team at NASA Headquarters. As a new team in NASA's mission directorate, Laura helped us define our strategy in the challenging environment of Washington D.C., and work through long-standing interpersonal issues to transition into a high-performance team. Laura quickly identifies the critical issues and moves the team to address them. She delivers results! In fact, one of the more skeptical members of our team even commented after working with Laura that she was the most impactful and effective facilitator he had ever encountered.” —Senior Government Executive

"Laura has an uncanny ability to use the collective group to help each individual unlock their unique and intuitive leadership qualities. Laura's group facilitation has helped me better understand and deepen my leadership qualities and identify opportunities for development in a safe and supportive environment."—Executive Director in the Oil and Gas Industry

"I’ve known Laura since 2000 and unreservedly recommend her. Back then, she was my executive coach and her help had an immediate impact on my first management roles. However, over the last decade, deeper realizations from that time have resulted in far more significant changes in my life. Laura stands out with her competence in the field of psychology, her innate common-sense, her spiritual openness, and her empathy.” - Executive Leader, European Industry

While her approach is seemingly subtle, her impact is profound. Shortly after beginning my work with Laura I was promoted to a C-level role, gave my first TED talk and now am a sought-after spokesperson and thought leader in my industry.” — CDO