Clean Up Corrosive Interpersonal Dynamics on Your Team With This System

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"'When leaders are unwilling or unable to address tough interpersonal issues, co-founders fight, high performers quit, equally talented people get fired unfairly, projects fall apart or miss deadlines, cultures turn toxic, morale suffers, people leave and companies implode. The price of not addressing conflict is simply too high," says sought-after executive coach Laura Gates. 

Over the years, she's helped resolve these types of issues at organizations ranging from NASA to Shell Oil, from the U.S. Military to Silicon Valley Giants. 

Follow this link to read the article and learn:

  • The most common issues she sees tear teams apart from the inside.

  • Her 6-Step System to apply at retreats and offsites to repair rifts.

  • How to bake emotional and interpersonal cleanup into regular work with 1:1s, post-mortems, and more.