What do we typically do in a coaching session?

My gift is creating a safe space for you to reflect on your challenges, fears, aspirations and goals. Together we identify ways in which you may unconsciously get in your own way and help you remove obstacles to progress.  

I listen for the essence of who you are and what you are here to do, helping to draw that out and harness your full potential – personally and professionally. I am not afraid of giving very direct honest feedback. 

Sometimes we are completely unaware of places we cannot see in ourselves. I hold up the mirror. Compassionately and with care, I will help you see your blind spots and hidden patches of discomfort that can be the true gems for learning and growth. 

I am a super connector and researcher. I will connect you to other people, books, workshops, locations, activities, whatever it is you need to move forward. And I’m an accountability partner, ensuring that what you choose to work on you implement and operationalize in your life.

Coaching Engagement details

Initial intake- During our initial sessions I will get to know you. REALLY get to know you - your thoughts, your feelings, your fears, your history, your secret aspirations, and your quirks. During this time we will forge together what it is you want to achieve in our work and how you want to structure our engagements to best serve you.

Stakeholder Feedback Assessment –We will either use a written 360 tool and/or I will interview key stakeholders to assess what your strengths, weaknesses and core challenges are. Understanding others perspectives is extremely valuable to knowing where your gaps are. Engaging them in your process of change is crucial to measuring change.

Goal Mapping - Once we’ve reviewed the feedback and taken into consideration your goals, aspirations and challenges. What do you want to change, what do you dream about but don’t believe is possible? We then choose where you want to start. You will be surprised at how quickly you can move through stuck places in a very short period of time.

1-1 Sessions - Either weekly or twice monthly we will talk, typically calls are an hour, some clients choose to talk 30” weekly, some meet for two hours per month in person. We can find the timing and structure that works best for you. In our calls you will give me updates on how things are going, what’s working and not, we will explore places you get stuck, ways to move forward on your goals and next steps. Each call will include a recap of our work so far, clarity on your goals and the process. Calls can be recorded if you desire.

Accountability - My job is to hold your feet to the fire to create the goals and overcome the challenges you set out to address in our work. I am caring and compassionate and firm and obstinate. And insanely patient. My singular focus is getting your your life’s mission lined up with your work. If you’re game for that, then so am I.

Consistency - Sessions typically last an hour. You do a lot of talking, I do a lot of listening and asking questions, and ideally by the end you feel calmer, clearer and ready to take action towards your new goals. It helps if you come prepared with thoughts about what you want to work on. I recommend taking notes. I take notes, and will often end you a recap of our call. Clients have worked with me for one session or over 15 years, depending on their needs.

A typical engagement starts with a 6 month commitment. Most clients work with me for at least a year. Monthly retainer engagements include email support and spontaneous encouragement from the sidelines.