Walking The Mystical Path With Practical Feet

I've walked two roads— the road of corporate business person and the road of spiritual seeker— for nearly 30 years now after a life-changing journey to Machu Picchu, Peru in 1989. At the time I was a Wall Street banker. To say my life opened up to new vistas after that experience is an understatement. Since then I've traveled the globe and trained with numerous healers, shamans, wisdom teachers and guides.

Now I guide others, typically high level leaders, bridging the world of business and the world of Spirit, the world of the tangible and the world of the intangible, the world of the known, and the world of the unknown. I will help you discover what your true mission is in this lifetime and how you can get out of your own way to achieve it.

Many people are hearing the call of change, whether by choice or in reaction to changing life circumstances. These are not easy times to navigate, but I am here to guide you as you navigate the terrain of transformation.

Here's how we can work together:

1 on 1 private Intensive

Join me in Northern California or a location of your choice, for an in depth custom designed individual half day, full day or two day 1 on 1 immersion. These intensives are offered as a stand alone service but often compliment coaching engagements. Investment $1500-$5000. Message laura @ laurafrancesgates.com for more information.

Group Retreats