Women on the Verge

Have you noticed a lot of us are out on the edge lately? In my conversations with women they want to know if this precipice they’re peering down from is a breakthrough or a breakdown.

They hesitate to even talk about it.

What if things get really unhinged?

I assure them, from the view I see, that it’s a breakthrough

… although it may feel temporarily like a breakdown.

They express worry about feeling out of control in their lives. The confusion. The crying. The sleepless nights. The days they can’t get out of bed.

I tell them, “You are birthing something; a new you.”

I suggest patience. Kindness. Self-care. Lots of naps. Time in nature.

Or a few episodes of “Hoarders.” That always makes me feel better. Puts things in perspective.

As we drop deeper into the conversation, I sense the tightness in their chest, the shallow breathing, the darting mind, trying to grab hold of something known, familiar, a landmark they can recognize on the horizon.

I do what I can to give them space to find their clarity, their inner knowing.

Sometimes we take a moment to breathe. Or I invite them to connect with the ground beneath their feet. I try and coax them out of their over-active analytical mind on an adventure down to the wild territory of the heart, where it’s often tender, protected.

As always, I encourage letting go. Surrendering.

Sometimes a few tears are shed.

And then they share about moments of giddy unbridled joy and a deep inner knowing that life is truly a gift.

And that they are on to something BIG. (This is often said in a conspiratorial whisper, so as not to tempt the Fates).

We’re in the Wild West folks. Unprecedented changes are occurring daily. Miracles, really. I know you see it all around you. Some people make it look easy. But I bet if you peek below the surface of the water, you’ll see their little duck feet paddling like crazy.

We are women on the verge.

I looked it up –verge, “The limit or point beyond which something begins or occurs; brink.”

We’re on the brink.

Let’s hold hands and jump off together, ready?

It’s time to dig down deep.


Dig Down Deep

Adapted song lyrics by Marc Cohn


Baby let's go below the surface

See what we can find

There's no reason to be nervous

'Cause it happens all the time


I don’t want to go up to the mountain

I don’t need to go down to the sea

I’m gonna sit right here ‘till we unravel the mystery


And I don’t want to wait until tomorrow

‘Cause the fortune said ‘The time is now”

It’s time to find out what we’re doing

What we’re doing anyhow


It’s an open invitation

Baby don’t you cry

It’s a life-long celebration

I think we’re right on time


It’s a feeling in your heart

A lump in the throat

It’s a strange and lovely ride

Want to dig down deep inside


While everyone else is just walking around

In their sleep

Baby let's dig down deep


I love Marc Cohn’s music, to purchase the best of on iTunes, go here.


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