Reflections on BEING ONE.

My mind often struggles with this concept that We are all ONE. This idea that I am a reflection of you and you are a reflection of me, and that we are all a reflection of Source, God, the Universe, call it what you will. So today I decided to embark on an experiment. To embrace the ALL and see myself in the ALL. From the folks gathered at my new favorite organic café to my husband, to my dog – I tried to see myself in them, the part of them that was me. Along came an old friend I had not seen in a while, and I saw her in me.

Then I took the dog for a walk and it was as if the Universe was sending greater challenges my way – like “can you see yourself in him? In her?” There were the laborers fixing pipes in the ground, a man getting sick outside a car surrounded by gang-looking guys. Then the homeless people excited that the local supermarket was giving out gift cards for Christmas. And yet another juxtaposition – the folks playing tennis in their whites, BMWs parked next to the day-workers standing by the side of the road hoping to make some money before Christmas. And then (more challenging yet) the man yelling at his son, sobbing, on his bike “You need to shut up and listen to me!” Taking it all in trying not to judge. Another man, walking across the street, in pajamas and flip flops cursing at the sky. As I just embraced this, another man working at the dry cleaner beams at me and waves – “Merry Christmas!” Followed by four boys and a little dog– chattering about Christmas Eve! Such excitement and anticipation.

It was as if God was flaunting it all for me in a 20-minute walk to say “see? It’s ALL this.” This can be a wondrous exciting time, and it can be a very sad and lonely time and in some ways, I am feeling both mixed inside me and honoring that. I wish you all a wonderful holiday, no matter your current condition.