There is No Net


I leapt and the net did not appear

Free falling

I scramble for an anchor

Landing with a thud on soft leaves


Bones decaying

Flesh melting into the ground

My body returning to the earth

Turkey vultures circling overhead

Am I dying or being reborn?


Mind slips under the surface

The beating drums call to me from over the ridge

Calling me back to myself

Reminding me of my healing quest


Moths dance in the waning sunlight

Messengers from God


“There is no net,” they whisper.

Take wing! Take wing!

And fly

I want to thank Angeles Arrien for leading the Vision Quest that inspired this post. I also want to remind you that I still have a few spots left in my women's healing retreat October 24-27 if you are ready to embark on the next phase of your journey. More here.