Answering the Call

The call does not care if you feel you are ready or capable or good enough. The call does not always think rationally about your bank account or “what’s possible”

The call will continue to pursue you, and should you continue to ignore it, the knock on the door will get louder.

If you don’t answer the door, well let’s just say, you should answer the door.

The call asks more of you than you think you can deliver.... And then it asks more again.



But if you want to step out of living a life that feels constrained and smaller than you really are, you need to have faith and trust.

And if you can’t find the faith or the trust in this moment, just take one small step towards what you know to be true in your heart and soul.

One small act of faith will build your courage, propelling you forward into doing what you came to do.

And then, you go do that thing. 
That thing your soul was designed for
That thing the world has prepared you for. 


That one true thing that only you, the unique soul and spirit that you are, can do.

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