Just like that...

The real work of the spiritual quest begins.

This is when it all changes.

From wanting to "fix" the problem, “cure” the disease, quit the pain in the ass job,

Leave the cheating husband, make it go away.

Do battle with it.


Befriending the enemy.

Dancing with it, embracing it.

Asking what is being called forth from you at this time.

Like me shaking my fist at the sky when I got the letter from the other woman

 “you don’t know who I am, but…”

Me, shaking my fist at God… hurt, angry a victim asking, shouting!

“Why ME?!”

To ... hmmm...this is kind of crazy,

“What is betrayal trying to teach me that I have not yet learned, embraced?”

And the answer was not that I am a bad person or that I deserved it.

Quite the opposite – when I allowed myself to surrender,

To fall to my knees in utter despair,

I learned that I am LOVED. No. Matter. What.

And I can love.

And forgive.

Just like that.