Together Let’s Harness The Spirit Of Collaboration, Community + Possibility

There is power in numbers, in togetherness.

There is also great potential and power in the digital world. It's our venue to expand, experiment and make a difference.

Many of you reading this are already members of the incredible B School community. I'm hoping you’ll join me for this next round in a small, intimate mastermind curated to support you in being SEEN, fully as you are now. (To do so simply hit reply and let me know you are interested in this.)

For those who aren't already a member of B School, registration is now open for the 2014 class.

If you have even a toe in the water of the online world you probably have heard about it. In the off chance that you haven’t, you can click here to follow my affiliate link to learn more on how to take advantage of this explosive technology and begin reaching people on a global scale.

Since signing up for this class in 2011 I've been in the field of “B Schoolers” -- immersed in the material and the support paramount to connecting me with other incredible people and opportunities.

I've discovered that learning to conduct business online is more of an art form than a science and there are certain nuts-n-bolts every business owner needs in order stand out and make it happen. B School takes the mystery out of doing business online.

If the class intrigues you, and you decide to sign up through me, you'll get my care and attention as you go through the program. You'll be welcomed in a mastermind (of both new and alumn B Schoolers) where you can expect my usual straight-shooting feedback, intuitive insights and some shamanic juju thrown in the mix for good measure.

I not only believe in B School but stand by this program and the community, fully.

As an affiliate when you register using this unique link you'll have me to hold your hand through the process. And if you don’t know me, “hand holding” can be akin to a gale force wind pushing you to embrace your soul’s purpose.

Is B School RIGHT for you?
As with every business investment, it’s best to be well informed and get the inside scoop.

I'm offering an honest 1 on 1 conversation to see if B School is a fit. Simply hit reply to this message and we will find a time to connect. My goal is to inform and help you choose, not persuade (unless you need persuading! ) FYI: Registration closes on March 5th.

To either schedule a conversation or request to be a part of the upcoming mastermind group (via Facebook) reply to this message.

With love and gratitude,